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Coach Amy Berezowski : What's good for the Body is also good for the Mind

BGC, TAGUIG, Philippines -  If there is a complete empowered woman that pushes living beyond the limits, it has to be Coach Amy Berezowski.  We met up with Coach Amy Berezowski via Zoom and asked her for some tips given the situation of the quarantine where people just stay indoors and tend to hang loose in terms of their nutrition.

For those who have not come across her, Coach Amy (IG:@deadaimamy) arrived in the Philippines three years ago to just visit for three months.  She fell in love with the Philippines and the three months has stretched into three years!  Judging from Coach Amy's past experiences, her multi-faceted character makes her a perfect example of going for gold in one's personal endeavors.

She's been through several transitions which astound us.  From University Student, to Amateur Boxer, to Foreign ESL Teacher, Professional Mini Flyweight Boxer, Sponsored Athlete, Female Business Owner, Boxing Coach, to Reality TV Star, to CEO and Head Coach, Human Activist, Boxing Equipment Creator, Fashion Designer, the list keeps going and we are awed.

Coach Amy also does motivational talks in a Corporate setting.

During this pandemic and as the quarantine set in last March, Coach Amy has found that although there were setbacks in terms of meeting students for their coaching sessions, she has been more active in coaching through online media.  The interesting part is that her coaching now knows no borders as she can practice with those who are based in other countries. 

Zooming into the health aspect of things, Coach Amy had to say this: "Even before the pandemic, Health is really Wealth".  Now with the threat of the virus, this statement has been emphasized in a greater way.  It's all the more important now to get one's immunity up.

Our take is that just like in the sport of boxing, defense counts a lot.  So in the same manner, our body needs to have a strong defense against the threats to health.

Proper nutrition plays a big part as Mother Nature has provided a lot of what we need through fruits and veggies.

Apart from proper nutrition, Coach Amy has also been boosting her immune system by way of Intravenous Drips provided by an FDA approved and reputable company.  For this, she turns to
REVIV Philippines which has 5 different drips and 4 Booster shots to choose from.


REVIV Philippines has a Mobile Wellness Van which comes to her village and provides the IV drips that deliver the nutrients, fluids, electrolytes ahd antioxidants that the body needs.

For Coach Amy, apart from the physical benefits of the REVIV IV Drip, there are also mental benefits to doing this.  Coming from a person who also does mindset coaching for corporate entities, Coach Amy says that, "What's good for the body is good for the mind", considering that having a drip sets the mental stage for being prepared for the threats of disease.


The Wellness Van of
REVIV Philippines is available to service those who are in BGC and beyond.

You may contact them via Mobile Phone on Globe, or message them here.


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