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Billboard of Manananggal Appears on EDSA!

MAKATI CITY, Philippines - It's January 1 and EDSA, the OOH Media industry's favorite highway is flowing smoothly.  No, not just flowing smoothly, you can actually run your car at 130 kph and hope you don't crash into a motorcycle that abruptly changes lane.

Today is still a holiday so this post is not really work related.  For those of you who normally follow this blog, the only blog and news central for the out-of-home media industry, this is the day that I poke fun at the funny billboards on the thoroughfares of EDSA, C5, NLEX, and SLEX.

January 1 for me and this blog is like April 1 -  April Fool's Day.  This is the day when news treads that thin line with comedy and a good dose of sarcasm.

To date, the OOH advertising industry has grown in a way that it is hardly treated as a support medium to "mainstream" or tri-media campaigns. It also has weaved itself well into social media usage that any billboard on EDSA which displays some peculiar story can go viral in hours. 

Take the example of the billboard in the top picture which caught my interest this morning.  I don't know which brand owns this, but immediately, in my "kulit" and "malikot" mind, I saw it as an advertisement for the manananggal or aswang lifestyle.

My apologies to the brand who owns the billboard. I'm just trying to drive the point that there is power in outdoor advertising. The power is much like electricity. Used properly, it brings ease and enhancement to campaigns. Neglected without supervision, it could mean disaster or death. In our case, brand disaster, or the death of a political career. 


Lloyd Tronco is a Certified Digital Marketer and Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  His experience in OOH Media spans being a vendor for OOH in the Visayas and Mindanao as well as being one of the pioneer OOH Media Strategists in the Philippines at the turn of the millennium. 

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