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The 10 Worst Billboard Layouts I Ever Saw

Let's face it.  Most graphic designers do not know how to speak Sign Language.  No, I am not referring to hand signals for the deaf.  I am referring to Effective Outdoor Communication. 

Having been involved in outdoor advertising for a number of years, I have seen so many layouts violating the basic rules of effective outdoor communication.  The following posts on OUTDOOR.PH would enumerate my top 10 list of worst billboard layouts I ever saw.

Number 10 would be this execution by Accenture.  Posted in June of 2010, this billboard has more than enough words as the lyrics of Bayan Ko.

So much for High Performance Delivered.

Next post, number 9.

Lloyd Tronco is a Certified Digital Marketer and Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  His experience in OOH Media spans being a vendor for OOH in the Visayas and Mindanao as well as being one of the pioneer OOH Media Strategists in the Philippines at the turn of the millennium. 

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