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Why Creatives Should Attend The 2nd Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media

Media agencies, digital strategists and marketers, out-of-home media suppliers, and clients have been making a beeline in registering for the 2nd Philippine Forum on Digital OOH Media, which is slated on July 15, 2011 at the AIM Conference Center in Makati.

Given the limited seats available, the question now is, will creatives show up at this event which outlines the future, not only of out-of-home media but customer engagement as a whole?

Digital OOH is the ideal fusion of digital channels and out-of-home media. It has been touted as the third component of the "New Tri-Media" made up of internet, mobile, and digital signage (DOOH). As it is, DOOH was previewed as a pervasive medium in the movie, Minority Report, where John Anderton (played by Tom Cruise) walks through a corridor of digital and interactive signages.

Says Lloyd Tronco, Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Out-Of-Home Media Research and Science, "The medium is a totally different animal. An agency can't just edit down a TVC and slap it on digital signage. It just won't work. As such, creatives will have to learn the nuances of the medium in order for their work to shine".

The 2nd Philippine Forum on Digital OOH Media is an effort to bring together the thought leaders of this emerging channel. Joining the forum will be one of the founders of the Digital ScreenMedia Association, Bob Michaels, who will give the participants the insight on what's happening elsewhere in the world on DOOH.

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