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Outdoor ads encourage shoppers to search for brands

06 October, 2010 14:44

Outdoor ads encourage shoppers to search for brands

Outdoor can be more effective than TV advertising at driving consumers to search for brands online, according to British research.

The Outdoor Advertising Association, Millward Brown and Mindshare analysed five years’ worth of advertising involving 326 brands in 25 categories.

Travel brands that spent £1m ($1.6m) on outdoor found that searches rose by 5.5 percent, better than the 3.5 percent rise attributable to a similar spend on TV advertising.

Insurance brands fared even better, getting an increase in searches of three percent from outdoor and just 0.6 percent from TV.

For car makers, however, both media performed equally well, delivering a one percent rise in searches. And TV was superior to outdoor for mobile phones, producing a 2.7 percent leap in Web searches against outdoor’s 1.1 percent.

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