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Flashback : Opinion by Marivic Rufino

Beyond Brushstrokes
Marivic Rufino

Billboard vanity

Narcissism is a vice. The faces of celebrities and politicians endorsing commercial products are on so many billboards. What’s worse is for the public to see the vain self-promoters who cover every post and pillar with their non-photogenic mug shots. It is not yet election season, but we have to see the smug smirks of "public servants." These self-aggrandizing characters should do their work instead of trying to be "visible." The public is probably so tired of seeing the same faces, anyway.

What ever happened to the bill filed in the Senate to regulate, control, and limit the number of unsightly billboards? These eyesores are hazardous and life threatening during typhoon season.

The skyline and cityscape are overwhelmed by the spectral steel structures. People are practically assaulted by the clutter of visually disconcerting billboards.

September 8, 2008, Monday

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