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Why Creative Agencies Should Attend The 1st Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media

As we draw closer to the date of the very 1st Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media, we see on the registration list, the usual names in out-of-home media as well as the media agencies. What we seem to be missing are the names from the creative agencies.

We need to see the creative people there for the simple reason that these are the minds who will craft the content to engage consumers and lead them to the path to purchase. No, we do not want to see anymore of the 30 second TVCs edited down to 10s simply to fit the LED or LCD screen where it will be played. We need the creative content crafted to fit this breakthrough medium which happens to be the convergence point of three media – TV, Outdoor, and Mobile/SMS.

For this reason, ads on LEDs or LCDs, digital OOH networks as a whole should be “Re-purposed” and not just edited down. “Re-purposing” ads for digital out-of-home (DOOH) can be effective if executed properly and basic rules of creative development for digital OOH are followed. Today’s consumer is savvier to advertising quality and wants more than ever to feel special when being “pitched” to by advertising, making the case for original creative developed just for DOOH to produce better ROI results. The same consumer is also savvy in shutting out unwanted advertising messages hence the need for agency people to create DOOH material that would be more engaging.

This could never happen though if the creative minds are not familiar with the nuances of the medium. Yes, in a way DOOH as a medium is half TV and half billboard. However, just as a mule is a hybrid between two different species, it surely has its own unique DNA. So it is with DOOH. In order to maximize the potential of DOOH, creatives have to understand the systems and technical backbone driving the medium.

At the end of it all, what is shown on a digital OOH screen will be measured against these criteria:
1. Whether or not the content delivered the intended message,
2. Overall production quality, and
3. Creativity in the use of new or unique content elements and/or technology.

Obviously, channel content in DOOH is extremely important. The more engaging the content, the more valuable and credible the advertising opportunity becomes. As creative agencies are challenged in more ways than one to be the key holders for brands they handle, understanding DOOH through the Forum will help them in their tasks of developing creative strategy, meeting objectives and defining critical points of engagement.

If this is where we are heading for, pushing the envelope in terms of DOOH content development, then it will be little wonder if in the next Araw Awards, there would be a category to recognize creative DOOH content.

Looking forward to seeing more creative agencies represented at the 1st Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media.