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DPWH dismantles fallen billboards

DPWH dismantles fallen billboards

By Abigail Kwok
First Posted 14:36:00 10/14/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has begun dismantling the two billboards that fell on top of a bus terminal and an auto repair shop along EDSA’s southbound lane Monday during a downpour, an official of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said.

A third billboard on EDSA’s northbound lane has been taken off the highway, said Roberto Esquivel, head of the MMDA’s sidewalk clearing operations.

At the same time, Esquivel clarified reports that the MMDA took responsibility for clearing the fallen billboards.

“Hindi kami ang matatanggal dahil jurisdiction yan ng [We are not going to take away the billboards because that is the jurisdiction of the] DPWH,” he said in a phone interview.

But the MMDA has cleared parts of the billboard that fell on the streets and on the service road, said Esquivel.

“Yung nasa service road, outright tatanggalin namin yun [Bits and pieces that fell on the service, road these are what we will remove outright]. Since passable naman yung service road [Since the service road is passable], eh pinaubaya na namin sa [we left the responsibility to the] DPWH,” Esquivel said.

The MMDA has also removed sharp parts of the billboard to prevent accidents. The rest of the dismantling, though, will be up to the DPWH, said Esquivel.

Traffic is heavy on the service road of EDSA-Santolan southbound as only one lane is passable to vehicles due to ongoing clearing operations, Esquivel said.

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