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Making Life Easier for Media Planners and Media Directors

Anyone from an agency's media department who has had a brush in handling Out-Of-Home media would perfectly understand how tedious it is to source sites, haggle with suppliers, fix up a contract, have it reviewed by Legal, coordinate with the printer, etc., etc., etc.

That's why it's called OOH. OOH also stands for Overdose Of Headaches.

My friend and ex-colleague at UniversalMcCann, Eden Nares, told me once, "Booking OOH practically took out half of my day (when I was working with Mindshare), leaving me with the other half to do all the less tedious stuff in Radio, TV, and Print" .

Good for the larger agencies such as UniversalMcCann, which has a specialized unit handling OOH media, any account manager who has an OOH requirement can just make a beeline to the specialists involved.

From the end of the GroupM agencies, relief comes from the presence of WPP's OOH specialist, Kinetic.

But what about the smaller agencies wherein there is no resident OOH specialist to iron out all the kinks in OOH planning?

How does a media planner or media director contend with having to entertain the hundreds of OOH vendors offering that elusive site in EDSA Guadalupe?

Take a tip from the other agency people who've wisened up in the realm of OOH media planning:

Leave the dirty work with the specialist.


This way, if you find yourself in the same boat as Eden was before, you can have your half day back.

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