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The Guadalupe Sequence Revisited

This post is to revisit the issue surrounding that much desired OOH presence in EDSA Guadalupe. When talking of the EDSA Guadalupe general vicinity, this usually refers to the southbound lane coming from Boni Ave. in Mandaluyong down to Buendia. In much cases, the general idea for establishing Out-Of-Home Media presence here is to catch the traffic coming in from Quezon City entering the Makati Central Business District.

Unknown to most, there is a billboard site on that stretch which for me proves to be a highly efficient placement. This site is located atop the SOGO Hotel in Guadalupe Nuevo. The reason why I am convinced about the efficiency of this site is because of the following:

1) Upon exit from the pedestrian bridge of the Guadalupe MRT Station, this is the very first site one will see (see sequence below)

2) The road is angled on an upward incline such that although the billboard is mounted atop a building, the cars are likewise angled upwards making it easier for motorists to view that site.

3) During rush hour, extended viewing time is brought about due to the bumper to bumper traffic.

Price-wise, the cost is within the range of most billboard sites located in Guadalupe. In my opinion, whoever gets to book this site should not let go of this.

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